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Vanishing Act is the second baron challenge of Desperados III taking place on the same map as Troublemakers in Flagstone.

Loading Story on Start[]

A sealed letter is pushed under the door to your room at the saloon. You pick it up, recognizing the Baron's seal on the wax.

"How long has it been since Flagstone, friend? You'd be surprised how little has changed. Why don't you come visit? A new challenge awaits."

You ask around who delivered the letter, but nobody saw anyone.

Loading Story on Savegame Load[]

The Baron has beckoned you to Flagstone to tackle his latest challenge. He has tasked you with eliminating a certain snakeoil salesman, who is peddling his wares at the heart of town, and delivering his body to the open grave at the church.


  • This challenge was part of the first wave of additional Baron challenges released on July 23, 2020.