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Rescue Aid Society is the ninth baron challenge of Desperados III taking place on the same map as Burn the Queen.

Loading Story on Start[]

Stella the cat is following Isabelle through a busy market street. Suddenly, she notices a dog and a chicken standing next to each other, watching her from afar.

She stops in her tracks and stares at them. They have given the signs, secret messages of peace and urgency, delivered in scent and body language. Something has gone wrong. She is needed.

When Isabelle notices that Stella is gone, she is already on her way to the bayou.

Loading Story on Savegame Load[]

Stella the cat and her allies have come to the Queen's Nest to rescue Doc McCoy. They must secure a key to his cage, free him and escort him to a nearby horse so he can escape. Let's hope he cooperates with his... unusual rescuers.


  • This challenge was part of the second wave of additional Baron challenges released on August 20, 2020.