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Isabelle Moreau is a voodoo practitioner and first joins the gang in Desperados III.


Born and raised in New Orleans, Isabelle mastered the occult techniques of Voodoo. In early stage of her life she did not mind to abuse her Voodoo techniques for money, but Wayne helped her to change her vision and life.

Special Skills & Abilities[]

Skill isabelle kill.png Isabelle can use her sickle to kill enemies at close range or Skill isabelle stun.png her fist to knock them out instead. Skill isabelle pet.png She has a cat that she can send out to distract enemies for a short amount of time. Being a voodoo practitioner Isabelle also has some more unique and unusual abilities. Skill isabelle connect.png She can connect two living creatures causing anything that happens to one to also affect the other*. Skill isabelle control.png She can also mind control an enemy or animal via a blood sacrifice, taking over control of them and leading them to perform any action according to her command**. The blood sacrifice causes her too lose one hitpoint. Skill isabelle healthpack.png Isabelle also carries some Jimson Weed with her that can be used to heal herself or any other character by one hitpoint and allows her to use mind control multiple times.

Skill Parameters in Desperados III
Skills Skill isabelle stun.png Skill isabelle kill.png Skill isabelle connect.png Skill isabelle pet.png Skill isabelle control.png Skill isabelle healthpack.png
Range 1 1 10 14 10
Noise Radius 3 3
Duration (sec) 3 3.6 6
Dying Duration (sec)
Cooldown (sec) 10
Max Ammo 5
Effect Radius 35
Heals +1

Additionally Isabelle can climb ladders, ivies, and ropes and also swim. She can also tie up unconscious people and carry a single body in standing position.

*Connecting Creatures[]

Isabelle can connect any two living creatures, including guards, civilians, and playable characters; even unconscious ones, but also chickens, dogs, horses, and oxen. The two entities can be arbitrarily far away and only need to be in range of Isabelle when she marks them. A connection can be canceled by performing it on an already marked creature.

Generally, anything happening to one of the connected creatures also happens to the other. There are however a lot of special cases and particularities to take note of:

  • When an enemy is killed by an accident, the body of a connected enemy will also be unsuspicious. It will however still be investigated as usual.
  • Drowning an unconscious creature or throwing them off a cliff kills them and therefore also the connected creature.
  • Long Coats never die through a connection. They are pretty much always only stunned and lose one hitpoint as if shot by a gun, when the connected creature is killed.
    • When the connected creature is knocked out they are instead only stunned and don't lose health.
    • Even accident kills like falling rocks or cannons that usually instantly kill Long Coats, also throwing connected and knocked out guards off of cliffs or into water only stuns a Long Coat and in some cases (falling rocks) doesn't even cause damage. The same goes for sleeping Long Coats who are similarly only stunned and lose one hitpoint instead of instantly dying as usual.
    • If they are already stunned they also only lose one hitpoint on a connected kill, or none on a knock out. However, the stun timer is reset in both cases.
    • The only exception is when connecting two Long Coats together. In that case, for some reason, dealing a single damage to one deals two damage to the other in addition to stunning both. However, killing one of them with Hector still only stuns and deals a single damage to the other.
  • Player characters always die when the connected creature dies, even if e.g. Hector can usually survive multiple gun shots, unless the connected creature dies because of damage dealt to the character.
  • Any damage dealt to a player character instantly kills a connected creature.
  • When an enemy shoots a character connected to himself before raising the alarm (i.e. immediately after noticing them), the enemy dies without raising the alarm and his body will also not be suspicious, causing observers to not raise the alarm. They will however still investigate it.
  • Horses and Oxen can't die. When the connected creature dies or gets knocked out they instead perform the same action as when irritated by Cooper's coin or Kate's perfume. Horses will kick behind them, knocking out any person standing there and oxen will kill everybody standing before their horns.
  • When a distraction is used, all creatures always look at the real location of the event i.e. the place where Hector stood when whistling or Cooper threw his coin to.

**Mind Controlling[]

When mind-controlling, Isabelle can perform some unique actions depending on the controlled creature.

When controlling humans and dogs Isabelle can freely move them around. When using an ability, leaving the control range, or Skill isabelle control cancel.png canceling it they will fall unconscious. Suspicious actions like attacking somebody will take several seconds and alert any enemies looking at the controlled target. They will try to prevent the action by killing them. However, if successful the action will not cause observers to trigger an alarm. Instead, they will think the culprit was a traitor and kill them instead.

Skill isabelle control gun.png When controlling most guards, Isabelle can make them shoot at somebody. Skill isabelle control shovel.png Thugs don't have a gun and can instead be made to hit somebody with their shovel. The effect is the same as a gun shot and is able to stun Long Coats.

Hud portrait longcoat.png Long Coats can only be mind-controlled when stunned i.e. after getting shot. Like most guards they can then be made to shoot somebody.

Skill isabelle civ scream.png Civilians can be made to scream, luring all enemies in range, even Ponchos and Long Coats, to the location.

Dogs can Skill isabelle dog bite.png bite an enemy, killing them or stunning Long Coats as if shot by a gun. Additionally, they can also Skill isabelle dog bark.png bark, luring enemies over, similar to Hector's whistle.

Horses and oxen can not be moved but they can be made to perform the same action as when irritated by Cooper's coin or Kate's perfume. Skill isabelle horse kick.png Horses will kick behind them, knocking out any person standing there and Skill isabelle bull charge.png oxen will kill everybody standing before their horns.