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Dirt and Blood (aka New Orleans Docks) is the twelfth mission of Desperados III.


Back in New Orleans, the gang finds the city in a very different state than before. Regardless, Cooper stays determined in his mission.

Loading Story on Start[]

With Marshal Wayne in tow, the gang makes their way back to New Orleans while the Queen's Nest burns down behind them.

On the way, Cooper gets very quiet. He knows what's waiting for him in New Orleans. Will he be ready this time? He'll have to be.

However, on their return, they find that circumstances have changed for the worse. While Doc is off to find Kate, Marshal Wayne wants to discuss their next move.

Loading Story on Savegame Load[]

Back in New Orleans, the gang reunites with Kate, who reveals that Frank is currently at Pier 9, down at the docks.

Despite Cooper's protests, Kate joins him and Hector on the hunt for Frank. The three make their way to the docks.

Cooper wants everyone to meet up at the gate to Pier 9. After that, the only thing left to do is finish what he came here for.


  • Special Badges
    • Choose the path on the left.
    • Choose the path on the right.
    • Don't use a disguise.
  • Other Badges
    • Don't use any of Cooper's skills.
    • Kill all Long Coats.
    • Kill 3 guards using the steamer wheel.
    • Speedrun: Complete the mission in under 22:00 minutes.
    • Complete the mission on Hard difficulty.


  • Internally, this mission is called "city2"