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Desperados III is the fourth game in the Desperados series. It is a prequel to Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive.


The story is set in 1875 as a prequel to Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, the first game in the series, and explores the origin of the series' protagonist John Cooper. The story follows him as he pursues Frank, a notorious bandit leader responsible for the death of John's father, James Cooper. Along the way, Cooper meets Doctor McCoy, who was hired by the DeVitt Company, a wealthy corporation, to defend the train Cooper was taking on his way to the town of Flagstone. Once at Flagstone, Cooper learns from his friend Hector Mendoza that Frank is at the mansion of the soon-to-be-married local mayor. In the meantime, the mayor's prospective bride, Kate O'Hara, who has been using the marriage as a chance to get access to mayor's office to retrieve the lost deeds of her family ranch, finds out that the mayor has already sold her family's ranch to the Devitt Company. In the escalating altercation, Kate shoots the mayor as Cooper walks in, seeking Frank. The newly met pair promptly escape the mansion and head for the O'Hara Ranch to defend it from the attacking DeVitt company men. They paid Doc McCoy to help them in defense which becomes eventually successful, though Kate's uncle Ian perishes in the battle.

The group eventually gets captured on their way to New Orleans, where Frank is located. They're rescued by a Voodoo practitioner called Isabelle Moreau, who joins them in order to find her partner, Marshal Wayne. Frank's gang imprisoned many people out in the Louisiana wetlands, to be shipped off to work in DeVitt's mines. Once they rescue Wayne, the group sets fire to the old riverboat that functions as a headquarters for Frank's people. This act puts Frank on alert, and he locks down the city. Having snuck past the roadblocks and guards, Cooper asserts that he wants to face Frank alone, to which Kate and Hector object. At Hector's mention of John's father, who is revealed to have been killed by Frank, John snaps and wounds Hector, forcing Kate to let him through.

At the docked freight ship, Frank and Cooper duel, but Cooper is outdrawn and wounded. With the rest of his group also captured, they're all sent to DeVitt's gold mines as slaves. Eventually escaping, the group has a falling out. Doc cuts his losses and abandons them, whereas the rest eventually reconcile and undertake Wayne's commission to abduct DeVitt himself from a lavish party at his mansion. They manage to spirit DeVitt out, but at the last moment their captive outwits them and holds them at gunpoint, only to be shot down by the returning Doc. With the group back together, they undertake one final job to hunt down Frank at the Devil's Canyon, where James Cooper and a young John pursued Frank years ago. Frank and John have another stand-off, watched over by Frank's lieutenants. The rest of the group overpowers Frank's posse, while John outdraws and finishes off Frank.

Cooper along his team talking to Frank after the final duel.


Playable Characters[]

Non-playable Characters[]


Chapter I: The Doctor & The Bride[]

  1. Once Upon a Time (Devil's Canyon)
  2. Running Late on Payday (Byers Pass)
  3. Troublemakers in Flagstone (Flagstone)
  4. Until Death Do Us Part (Higgins' Estate)
  5. The Magnificent Five (O'Hara Ranch)
  6. The Bridge at Eagle Falls (Eagle Falls)

Chapter II: The Marshal & The Witch[]

  1. One Good Shot (Devil's Canyon)
  2. One Hell of a Night (Baton Rouge)
  3. Louisiana Voodoo (Mississippi River)
  4. Back Alley Jazz (New Orleans)
  5. Burn the Queen (Queen's Nest)
  6. Dirt and Blood (New Orleans Docks)

Chapter III: The Trapper & The Kid[]

  1. A Cart Full of Gunpowder (DeVitt Goldmine)
  2. The Wages of Pain (Las Piedras)
  3. A Captain of Industry (Casa DeVitt)
  4. The Old and the New (Devil's Canyon)

Baron's Challenges[]

Baron challenges are alternate versions of each level in the main game (except the two flashback missions on Devil's Canyon). The missions usually feature different playable characters and changed or additional objectives. For more details see Baron Challenges.

  1. One Woman Army (Byers Pass)
  2. Vanishing Act (Flagstone)
  3. Untitled Voodoo Mission (Higgins' Estate)
  4. Hazards of the Trade (O'Hara Ranch)
  5. Public Transportation (Eagle Falls)
  6. Three Men With No Name (Baton Rouge)
  7. Bear Trap Triplets (Mississippi River)
  8. Best Served Cold (New Orleans)
  9. Rescue Aid Society (Queen's Nest)
  10. The Devil is in the Details (New Orleans Docks)
  11. Contact! (DeVitt Goldmine)
  12. For a Few Bullets More (Las Piedras)
  13. Bird Hunting (Casa DeVitt)
  14. What If? (Devil's Canyon)


  • Colorado (Chapter 1)
  • Louisiana (Chapter 2)
  • New Mexico (Chapter 3)

Downloadable Content[]

Money for the Vultures[]

Money for the Vultures is the set of three DLC levels that were announced for Desperados III. The three DLCs together tell the story of the gang's search for Vincent DeVitt's money after his capture. The money was originally thought to be stored in a hidden save in his now abandoned mansion but at the end of DLC 1 it turns out that Vincent's brother had already taken it out beforehand. The gang then visits him at his plantation in DLC 2 and steals a map from him that finally leads them to a fort at Eagle's Nest in DLC 3. After successfully storming or infiltration the fortress they escape with the money and go to celebrate with some Whisky. The next morning the crew wakes up from their hangover and find a letter left behind by Hector and Rosie, who escaped with the money.

  1. Late To The Party (Abandoned Casa DeVitt)
  2. Five Steps Ahead (DeVitt Plantation)
  3. Once More With Feeling (Eagle's Nest)


Desperados III features four different difficulty levels, namely Icon difficulty easy.png Beginner, Icon difficulty medium.png Medium, Icon difficulty hard.png Hard, and the highest Icon difficulty desperado.png Desperado. Alternatively it also allows you to customize the difficulty by tuning the individual parameters and combining them from different difficulty levels. The difficulty can be adjusted every time before starting a new mission. For more details see Desperados III Difficulty.

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