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Bear Trap Triplets is the seventh baron challenge of Desperados III taking place on the same map as Louisiana Voodoo.

Loading Story on Start[]

Walking along the river shore, you stumble over an old whiskey bottle half buried in the sand. Inside you find a wet piece of paper, marked with the Baron's seal.

"You can find many things on the banks of the Mississippi, friend. Slavers, ambushes, new allies... How about this time, I make it a new challenge for you?"

You look around for someone who could have planted the bottle, but there is no one in sight.

Loading Story on Savegame Load[]

Once again, you find yourself in the wilderness along the banks of the Mississippi. In his latest challenge, the Baron has provided two additional bear traps for Hector, and tasked you to kill a group of targets with them.


  • This challenge was part of the second wave of additional Baron challenges released on August 20, 2020.