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Baron challenges are a set of additional challenges in Desperados III. They are alternate versions of each level in the main game (except the two flashback missions on Devil's Canyon). The missions usually feature different playable characters and changed or additional objectives. Often they also modify some of the usual gameplay rules by limiting or expanding abilities (no melee, only shoot from the roof, multiple knife throws or traps) or even introduce completely new features like a gatling on a minecart in Contact! or allowing you to play as animals in Rescue Aid Society.

List of Challenges[]

These are the the 13 Baron Challenges in the game:

  1. One Woman Army (Byers Pass)
  2. Vanishing Act (Flagstone)
  3. Untitled Voodoo Mission (Higgins' Estate)
  4. Hazards of the Trade (O'Hara Ranch)
  5. Public Transportation (Eagle Falls)
  6. Three Men With No Name (Baton Rouge)
  7. Bear Trap Triplets (Mississippi River)
  8. Best Served Cold (New Orleans)
  9. Rescue Aid Society (Queen's Nest)
  10. The Devil is in the Details (New Orleans Docks)
  11. Contact! (DeVitt Goldmine)
  12. For a Few Bullets More (Las Piedras)
  13. Bird Hunting (Casa DeVitt)
  14. What If? (Devil's Canyon)

Unlocking Baron Challenges[]

The first challenges are unlocked after completing the mission Louisiana Voodoo from the main story. All successive main story mission except A Cart Full of Gunpowder then unlock further Baron challenges.

Baron Challenges by Character[]


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