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A Captain of Industry (aka Casa DeVitt) is the fifteenth mission of Desperados III.


An extravagant dinner party is being held at DeVitt's lavish hacienda. However, the evening is about to be derailed by some unexpected guests.

Loading Story on Start[]

Having safely escaped onto the train, the gang is given some well-deserved rest.

While Hector and Isabelle sleep off their exhaustion, Cooper and Kate talk for a long time. Things are still tense, but the first steps are made.

Back in civilization, the gang contacts Marshal Wayne, who is thrilled to learn that they are still alive. Together they forge a plan to take both DeVitt and Frank out for good.

First on the list is DeVitt, who is about to host an exclusive dinner party at his lavish estate.

Loading Story on Savegame Load[]

The gang escapes from DeVitt's clutches and makes contact with Marshal Wayne. Together they form a plan to take DeVitt and Frank out of the picture.

DeVitt is first on the list. With Wayne's help, they secure invitations to DeVitt's exclusive dinner party.

Their plan: Separate DeVitt from the guests, then kidnap him and deliver him to the marshal.


  • Special Badges
    • Don't touch any bushes or haystacks.
    • Don't use both distractions.
    • Don't use any of Kate's or Cooper's skills.
  • Other Badges
    • Don't be seen by anyone.
    • Use mind control on Devitt.
    • Kill 2 guards with a statue.
    • Speedrun: Complete the mission in under 22:00 minutes.
    • Complete the mission on Hard difficulty.


  • Internally, this mission is called "hacienda"